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Facelifts for the Pool and Library

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Broomhill blog it has been a
busy two weeks for both the library and the pool so let’s get cracking:


The Friends of Westbourne library are pleased to announce that starting next
April we are launching a reading outreach scheme working in partnership with
Suffolk County Council to schools and nursery schools helping children with the
reading and promoting the importance of reading (further details to follow).

This week myself and Andrew Cheatley from the friends met with Suffolk County
Council to discuss the redecoration plans for Westbourne and to go through
future plans. It was a productive meeting we got the go ahead to commence the
internal redecoration, the only thing  to
do now is agree a date with Suffolk County Council so watch this space!.

The friends are also conducting a listening exercise working in partnership
with Suffolk County Council we are wanting to hear from you what books you
would like to be stocked at Westbourne
library this exercise is available to everyone so pop in and have a
conversation with one of the staff.

Also coming up on November 26th 12pm-4pm is the Broomhill Christmas fete at the
library  this is a joint fete between the
Broomhill pool trust and the friends of Westbourne library there is still a few
places left if people want a stall at the fete pop into the library for further

On a change of note I would like to applaud what the library managers are
trying to do with the pilot scheme for the
Ipswich libraries but at the same time I can not see this pilot working
unless it has a clear understanding of what shape the “social
enterprise” (or divested) governance and administrational structure will


The Broomhill  pool Trust  has also been busy over the last couple of
weeks the entrance to the pool has had a new coat of paint is in the process of
being returned back to the colours it was when it opened.

On Sunday the 9th of October the Community payback teams visited the pool and
help give the pool a really good clean up in preparation for the winter. As a
thank you to the Community Payback the Broomhill pool trust organised a
barbecue as a thank you to them for all their hard work over the season.

Now on a change of note another event to put in your diary as a must is the
Broomhill pool charity dinner event at Arlington’s Restaurant in town tickets
are £25 pound £10 pound goes to the Broomhill Pool Trust. 6:00 for a 6:30


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